Melodeo: Podcast to Mobile Phone

Mobilcast is a new free service that is about to be launched by Melodeo, in short, get podcasts on your cellphone:

There are nearly 400,000 Podcasts available today. But to hear them you need to connect your PC to the Internet, and your portable device to your PC. You need to repeat this process each time you want an update.

Mobilcast simplifies the process of finding and listening to Podcasts. Mobilcast lets you download Podcasts to your mobile phone, over the air. With a few simple steps you will be listening to Podcasts when you want, on the one device you carry with you every day-your mobile phone.

Seems like it could be a logical choice for the masses. Personally, I probably wouldn’t use the service being a recent Treo convert, I would be more apt to load up my SD card with a ton of content there and then listen to it at my leisure, but thats just me. However, for on the go, on demand content the service could be great, can’t wait to see how they work the downloads. Lets see.

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