Making Waves

I Made the Cover!

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Just had to have some fun with the new Flickr magazine cover tool :-) It allows you to create a magazine cover using any Flickr photo. I can already see some of the hilarious prank jokes that will be coming for some people :-)

Fun Stuff! per Boing Boing

4 Responses to “Making Waves”

  1. K. Todd Storch Says:

    Love the shot of Times Square!!


  2. Greg Says:

    Did you dig the STORCHMASTER on the cover ???? :-)

  3. ktoddstorch @ business thoughts Says:

    Magazine Cover Generator

    The site allows you to generate your own cover from your Flickr pics. Takes about 2 minutes to do. Reminds me of all those goofy picture booths they had at Six Flags where you would pay $20 to have

  4. K. Todd Storch Says:

    That was a great touch!


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