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Interesting read this am on Tim Yang’s blog, where he points to a recent survey that uncovered that an estimated 42% of blogspot content is pure spam or “splogs” or in the case of blogspot, “splots.” That has to make you weary! Phillip Lennsen conducted a random survey, initially of 50 blogspot blogs that registered 40-60% as spam, then spread the sample to 100 and found that an estimated 42% were “splots.” Interesting stuff to read, Phillip goes on stating:

“If you’d consider Blogspot a community, it would be a very unhealthy one. If you consider it just another free web hosting service, than the amount of spam still reflects badly on Google. As for those spam blogs which try to boost their Google rankings, it’s ironic that this is done on Google’s own servers. That’s as ridiculous as a cleaning lady with very dirty shoes.”

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3 Responses to “The Spamosphere”

  1. Fredrik Says:

    Heh, interesting but hardy suprising. I suppose it just goes to show that content still is king huh? :) There are many ways of getting visitors to your site, but very few good ones for long-term readerships. My guess is that most of the splotting (that the wording of it?) done on blogspot and similar communities(?) are just that; short term attempts to get a visitor or two. And as for the ridiculous amounts of poker ads i get in my comments every week - all sites that could potentially drive any real audience to those sites use spam protection.

  2. Fredrik Says:

    Oh, and it looks like Google and Blogger is trying to do something about it now:

  3. Greg Says:

    Yeah for sure! glad to see they are working on the issue, link spam is lame, and it looks like they have a work around solutions. My weblog domain has become a link on someones blogspot network of BS Splot blogs and its messing up the true stats of my linkage, just another annoying factor outside of BS content.

    And…yeah, those damn poker site links in the comments are beat!! :-)

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