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Google isn’t a media company… yet. But I have to admit, I have always said that Google is headed in that direction. It never will look like a media company by todays standards, that I know. However, there is rapid evolution in their model, and sometimes those evolutions get them pretty close to the media landscape. On Friday I read on BtoB’s daily news alert that Google is now repping print media in “beta” I am sure :-)

“Google is testing a program to place ads from our advertising network into U.S. print publications,” said Mike Mayzel, spokesman for the search engine. “This limited test is part of Google’s continuing effort to develop new ways to provide effective and useful advertising to advertisers, publishers and users.”

So, Google is not competing with the publishers as it has remained in alignment with their overall best interest, however now it appears this move (although I am NOT versed on all elements of the program), will put Google in a competitive situation with advertising agencies. Interesting move, but you could see how the wealth and depth of data that Google has on advertising effectiveness could translate to print. New and improved planning, quite possibly… lets see where they take this one.

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  1. Daniel Lee Says:

    I would have to semi-disagree with you on this one. While google’s beta service is a threat to media placement agencies, I wouldn’t say it is to advertising agencies. There will still be the need for someone to form/plan the communications message, strategy and concept. If google continues pursing print then media buyers might have a chunk taken out of their business.

  2. Greg Says:

    Daniel - you are absolutely right. Instead of being a direct competitor to advertising agencies specifically, its the media buying divisions of those agencies and pure placement agencies as you suggest that Google poses a threat to. The talent and insight into the “message, strategy and concept” should never be undervalued.

  3. Apartment 47 Says:

    Google Print Ads

    Google continues to make interesting moves. Now they will be buying and selling print-ad space to their online clients. Some more opinions over here Via Signal vs. Noise

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