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I came across a really cool post on Wired’s feed this morning. It’s almost a week old, because for some reason Wired is a feed I let “accumluate” content before checking it out. This morning I read about the Plug music festival that took place in San Fransisco last week, a BYO headphone musical event that was broadcasted over the internet. “Plug” was San Fransisco’s / USA’s version of the global “le placard” headphone festival which has landed in cities all over the world including London, Montreal, Paris & Brussells. I have heard of this before but never really investigated it further. This is a really cool concept that originated when a Paris musician named Eril Minkkinen streamed a concert from his closet and apparently 3 people from Japan had tuned in.

le placard has apparently had a rough start in the US, with inital attempts in NYC and Minneapolis, but the Plug festival in San Fransisco put le placard on the map in the USA:

“Performances at the San Francisco festival ranged from field recordings to electronic music to the vocal stylings of Toshio Hirano, a Japanese artist who sings Jimmie Rogers covers.

Listeners were able to congregate from all over the globe in le placard’s IRC channel to talk with fellow headphoners witnessing the performances in person at the warehouse.”

The US Plug fest was put on by The Deletist. Check it out, per Wired.

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