The Trend Man Unplugged

Looking back on my last few posts this week, I have mostly been blogging about people who I respect and find inspiring. All great people from the business world. Just when I was about to post about one of my usual “findings,” I found Todd Storch’s latest “People You Need to Meet” segment, this time with the one and only Michael Tchong, another great serial entrepreneur. One word describes this interview, awesome! I have been following Michael since his days at Iconocast, one of the original trend monitoring newsletters. Michael then went on to create and Trendscape, and has now consolidated his brands into Ubercool. Ubercool, “the most concise data-based overview of the worlds hottest trends” is such a great name for a brand, very searing in the minds of many. Michael’s work is incredible and his vision for Ubercool is energizing. Check out Todd’s interview and learn more about this amazing visionary.

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  1. K. Todd Storch Says:

    Thanks for the link Greg. Michael is really an amazing individual and I loved spending time with him at the conference.

    Lots to learn from him!


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