renew orleans

If you are looking for a way to make a contribution to the relief efforts in New Orleans, let me suggest renew orleans, a fund and site set up by Ropadope records in Brooklyn, NYC. The various initiatives include the New Orleans Musicians Hurricane Relief fund.

the new orleans musicians hurricane relief fund is a certified non-for profit company created to directly assist the hundreds of thousands of new orleans musicians that are now without home, family and even their instruments. it was created as an instant response to hurricane katrina and is now the only non-profit that actually pays monies directly to musicians that need it the most. all musicians not already in the preservation hall data base are encouraged to call the hotline, or visit the website which will enable any and all new orleans musicians to benefit.

This is the kind of donating that I am into. A fund that will cut checks directly to the people who are in need of the money now. If your looking for an alternative place to contribute and make a difference hit up renew orleans and pick yourself up a t-shirt and bumper sticker.

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  1. jennetic Says:

    I am with you, raise the $$$, but also come to our happy hour! This is separate from a donation cuz all you’re doing is buying drinks (any drink! alcholic or not, and we all need many ounces of liquid each day!), you are simply doing your thing on the planet yet still contributing! Please think about it! :) Check out the top of for details! :)

  2. Greg Says:

    well of course thats a great way to donate as well :-) Sorry I missed this one, but I do look forward to meeting the Blogtimoreans soon!

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