Comment Spam Gone Wild

I guess it happens to everyone with a blog at some point or another, yes comment spamming has taken off on my blog. It started as one here or there, but now I am getting the full on attacks, like waking up to 8 online gambling sites leaving comments like:

“Really great stuff, lots of informative stuff!! Keep up the great website, it was good to stop by!” by - poker


“You may find it interesting to check out some relevant pages dedicated to… “ by: free xenical diet pills

So, please bear with me while I attempt to remedy this problem. I prefer to keep open comments but I may have to change that for a while until a find a more permanent solution to the issue. In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions on how to lock down comment spam on WordPress, please let me know. Thanks!

2 Responses to “Comment Spam Gone Wild”

  1. DaB Says:

    Spam Karma 2 is your friend.

  2. K. Todd Storch Says:

    Agree with you. Trackbacks are much worse, but the spammers are getting very smart.


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