The Million Dollar Homepage

September 23, 2005 – 6:37 pm

This is definitely a far out concept. Out of the box thinking has commenced for this young enterprising college student. In order to pay for his college tuition, Alex has created a site called the Million Dollar Homepage and has begun to sell advertising on it, one pixel at a time, for $1 per pixel! There are 1,000,000 pixels available to sell and he is selling them 100 pixels at a time. Here is the kicker, according to his last blog posting, in less than a month he has already sold 108,000 pixels and has enough money to pay for 3 years of his college. Whats even more interesting, is that due to the viral nature of something like this, the advertisers are actually getting a decent click through rate. I am definitely impressed, nice job Alex!

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  3. have a look at what these guys are doing…

    By kyle on Oct 6, 2005

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