All Million Pixels Are Gone

Serious props to Alex Tew, the british college student who was the brainchild of The Million Dollar Homepage. I posted about it on September 23, 2005 impressed that he had sold 108,000 pixels in less than one month. Amazingly, he has sold all 1,000,000 pixels in less than 5 months according to his last blog post. He decided to post the last 1000 pixels on ebay for auction and wound up getting a final bid of $38,100.00 for the final pixels on this piece of internet history. Although there are some really interesting knock offs of this concept, this is the original and the only one that will most likely ever sell out. Alex was the originator of the idea and he executed on it, a topic I will be posting about shortly. He went from a 21 year old college student to a millionaire in less than 5 months. Impressive to say the least.

per MIT Ad Lab

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4 Responses to “All Million Pixels Are Gone”

  1. geek-pie Says:

    If I was the kind of person who bought pixel ads, and let me stress I’m not because it’s so untargeted, I might go for something like which seems to have some quite nice programming behind it and is doing well on Google for “pixels for sale”.

  2. Greg Says:

    Thats interesting. Personally, I think that Alex hit it with his innovative thinking and it was one of those “cool groundbreaking moments” in internet history. However, I think its sort of moving into “been there done that” category. I do think raising money for charity is a good use of the “million pixel” concept. I would support that. In fact here is one - it shocks me more people dont support it.


  3. Elmo Says:

    Alex was the first and the only one that matters. He got the hype and the media coverage. That’s something that no other pixel site can even sniff. The big media all linked to his site and his Google PageRank is now jacked up. No one else offers that. Seriously, who’s gonna bother to seriously surf any of those ads on any pixel site? The real value to be had is the high PR backlink to an advertiser’s site. The two sites mentioned above have a 0PR and Alex has a 7PR. All of the pixel ad sites besides are a day late and a pixel short!

  4. Adam Says:

    That’s very true my friend. But you can still find some innovative fellas. If you take all the million pixel pages, put them together and then have a look, there’d be just three standing out of the crowd:
    Alex’s page,Patrick’s page andJohn’s page.

    Well, the first one is original (no doubt).
    The second one has climb like crazy to top search results… dunno how. And the third one is my favourite. It is “original”, within the whole 1 million dollar advertising pages idea. Good luck


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