Treo Trauma

I hate to say it, but I dropped my Treo 650 after only 4 months of use and have cracked my LCD display, its wiped out. I was taking it out of my case to make a call and it slipped out of my hand, boom done. Now the kicker, when I purchased the Treo from Cingular Wireless they didn’t offer any insurance on the phone, and still don’t, but its coming according to them (not that it matters now). I would have purchased the Treo insurance, as this was definitely a pricey piece of equipment. Wireless carriers should offer some kind of insurance for their business customers especially when they are selling devices that are higher than $500.00. Cingular offers something called the “mail in exchange” which I inquired about. Basically, I can mail them my Treo and they can fix the screen - cost $420.00 before shipping. Wow…. no thanks.

Am I screwed? well it looks like I can send my Treo back to Palm directly and pay to have them replace the LCD screen. In the meantime I can pop out my sim card and use another phone in the meantime ( I happen to have another phone laying around). I think Palm charges a couple of hundred dollars when its all said and done, much more palatable, I know this was my fault, so I expect to have to shell out some cash. I will let you know how my Palm experience goes, I just hope its quick and easy…

UPDATE: ok so I went through the process on the PalmOne website, and found out that I can mail my Treo to them in their repair center in Texas. The cost is about $180.00 when its all said and done, much better than $420! Also they say they will have it back to me within 5-7 business days. Its being FedEx’ed tomorrow because they stress to take EVERYTHING off the device that you have because they wipe it clean. I will keep you posted, according to my calculations I should have a repaired, good to go Treo 650 by next Friday the 14th. Oh and my Cingular rep said she would send me a free phone in the meantime, thats not so bad….. we will see.

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  1. Matthew R. Miller Says:

    Sorry to hear about that. I have been looking at some PDA-Phone, I really could use only carrying one device. I am careful with my devices, but accidents can happen as you know. It’s definitely been one of the reasons I have held back on shelling out $500+ for a device. That and the service/data plans that go with it are fairly expensive. I wish my work would by one for us all :) Looking forward to hear how your Palm experience goes, hope it goes well.

  2. Greg Says:

    Thanks Matt - yeah its crazy! I will let you know - I am trying to get this thing in the mail today. And the extra phone I do have wont accept my SIM card because its an old ATT Wireless one, not compatible! just to complicate things :-)

  3. K. Todd Storch Says:


    Three words…suck, suck and suck.

    Sorry to hear about this.

    Good luck!


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