Content Relevancy in Podcasts

Ryan Irelan continues his writing on podcasting with a piece called “Why Should I Listen to Podcasts?” Summed up, Ryan talks about the importance of the relevancy of podcast content over concept, and how that plays into pushing podcasts out into the mainstream audience, beyond as Ryan says “geekdom”. I agree with him 100%.

“The best way to explain why someone should listen to podcasts is to give them examples of podcasts that fit their interests. You should use 90% content and 10% concept when selling the idea of podcasts. The 10% will be the idea that you can listen at your leisure (on a run, at the gym, in the car)”

We are still looking at a medium that is very much evolving, and when you add to the mix all of the buzz and hype surrounding it, it can become overwhelming. Simply put, some people just don’t get the whole point of podcasting, and can’t get beyond the ” its just an mp3 on the web” viewpoint. At the end of the day there are plenty of people who have never listened to a podcast and have no interest in them at this time. However, the concept of personal publishing, meaning, people producing content for other like minded individuals mixed with an on demand protocol is a very powerful thing. Think Tivo from the on demand and “subscription” point of view, but what really takes podcasting to the next level is the content. Podcasts can be targeted and extremely niched, and have the ability to truly speak to a unique, specific audience. To me and many other marketers I know, thats powerful.

Thanks for the great post Ryan. I also encourage you to check out his post on “The Push and Pull of Podcasting”.

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2 Responses to “Content Relevancy in Podcasts”

  1. Stan Sorensen, Melodeo Says:

    Well put. Podcasting is more like radio on demand than a random collection of MP3s on the internet. And because the content is specific and targetted (even if it’s not intended to be) it has powerful appeal. It’s quickly becoming apparent that an advertising model for podcasts is coming, which I know worries a lot of people but it’s the reality.

    I think it’s important that the folks who really understand podcasting have a say in the ad model so that the advertisers don’t end up tanking the medium and turning people away.

  2. Greg Says:

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting Stan. I couldn’t agree more, the advertising model is not only coming but is happening now. Podcasts can be all about a product or a service, without really sounding like an ad. Thats what I would like to see more of, product overview or real life use of a product articulated or played via podcasts. Just one of many models beyond the traditional “tagged” commercial radio ad. Exciting times. - G

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