Calacanis: Advice to Startups

I always appreciate solid, real world, down and dirty advice from someone who has been in the trenches with building a business. As mentioned before, I have big respect for Jason Calacanis and his open style of throwing whatever it is thats on his mind, issues he is dealing with in his company, etc on the table and sharing them with the rest of us.

“I have to say my one piece of advice to startups is to focus on building your product and revenue and don’t waste time on partnerships. Maybe when you’re a huge company these things can work out, but the most important things in any startup are: 1. the product and 2. the bottom line.”

Thats Jason on his blog post after the press storm settles from the recent acquisition of Weblogs, Inc for $25 million just 2 years after it was launched. Good advice to any entrepreneur who is building a business, if you do choose to create “partnerships” choose them wisely and make sure they make nothing but perfect sense. I think another valuable thing to mention in relation to that quote is to STAY FOCUSED, in business. Thats one thing as well that Jason had going for him, he had focus and execution (more on execution later), and with Mark Cuban as his key investor, that ship stayed on course and veered away from being all things to all people. Focus.

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