Calacanis Interview

Jason Calacanis posted an email interview he did with a reporter to fill people in on the happenings at Weblogs, Inc. These sound like exciting times for Jason and the crew who are among the pioneers that are building the new face of online publishing. I have always enjoyed reading Jason’s posts, he’s an open guy that puts whatever it is he is thinking about or working on out on the table and doesn’t mind taking the shit that comes with it. I had the pleasure of meeting him once in one of his past lives, it was at some venture forum that he put on at the W Hotel on Lexington Ave. Jason is no doubt an intelligent, energized, resilient brother of the entrepreneurial tribe. Impressive bro.

“All we have to do is get our rates 30-40% better and we’re going to change the publishing world forever. We’re so close on the compensation front I can taste it. Next year I’ll be able to offer Saul Hansell, John Markoff, and Steve Lohr at the New York Times the same or better pay to write in this fashion.”

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