Podcasts Dot Yahoo Dot Com

Dave points to a major site launch last night. Welcome Yahoo! to the world of podcasting. podcasts.yahoo.com is launched as another directory of podcast content available to search and listen. They also offer a very user friendly start section for folks who want to learn more about what podcasting is all about, as well as more advanced publishing information for folks who may be already producing a show. So far I dig it, its also nice to see some new and different podcasts being promoted, I have come across 4-5 new ones that I already downloaded to check out later.

I am looking forward to hearing the dialouge about this launch. I am sure like anything it will be good, bad and sometimes ugly.

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  1. Somewhat Frank Says:

    Yahoo Offers Podcasts

    Yahoo has launched a Yahoo Podcasts beta today (10/10/05) that offers users podcasts services to springboard Yahoo into the podcasting arena. The services are free and makes it easier for users to look through a number of podcasts with a

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