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I love affinity blogging, you know folks who take one niche subject and blog the heck out of it. Today I would like to share two blogs that I recently came across that are definitely on topic. Up first in the food category, I found out one of my colleagues in the online marketing world, Jonah Feld, has been spearheading the Burrito Blog since March of this year. Jonah and his crew of “Burrito Analysts” write thorough reviews of their burritto eating adventures from all over. So far, the site reviews burrito experiences from some of the major national chains, as well as local finds in California, Illinois, Massachuttes, New Jersey, NYC and Washington DC, this is no joke and Jonah himself is one tough critic! Check out Jonah’s TV appearance on The Phantom Gourmet. Keep up the great work :-)

Second up, in the beverage category is Beerwise. Yes, you guessed it a fine weblog on everything beer. These guys go deep, with beer history, stories, ads, jokes, links, etc. If your into beer, there is something here for you. Yes indeed, it certainly is the season for the celebration of fine brews. Oktoberfest is in full effect, and there are beer festivals everywhere. I will be heading to the Maryland Brewers Oktoberfest this weekend to check out the local brewers craft.

If you know of any other interesting niche blogs please pass them along, I would be interested in checking them out.

(beerwise per presurfer)

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  1. flipthedolphin Says:

    Niche blogging uh?! Cool stuff there… I think we need to find a niche too. Or to create one for instance. Too bad I don’t know what to blog about at all :D

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