Treo Update: Like Clockwork

My Treo has returned! My LCD screen was replaced and the team at Palm was also gracious enough to replace the entire plastic casing of my Treo, so all of those little knicks and scratches are no longer :-) The device was supposed to be returned to me by Friday and actually there was an attempt to deliver it to me on Thursday, just for some reason I hadn’t put my suite number or company name on the reply address, so the DHL guy was clueless. There is only one issue with my Palm experience, and this one I am not 100% sure that its my fault, they didn’t return my battery with the phone, so although I am happy to have my device back, I have to buy another battery before I can use it. Lame.

Where did I go wrong? I read the instructions very carefully that were emailed to me, I understood that all of my data would definitely be wiped off the phone, so I did a full back up. However “Step 2″ was the only note that mentioned taking other elements off of the phone prior to shipping - it read:

TO SHIPPING (for example; memory cards, modems, covers, cases, styli, etc) “

Sure, I removed my stylis, my SD memory card, my case, etc but I didn’t remove my battery. Apparently, the battery is an “accessory” or an “add on” - for some reason that just wasn’t clear to me. I am going to make a call on it, but for some reason I think I will get the “did you read the instructions?” deal, however that is an assumption. Has anyone else come across this?

I just found it strange that they did not return my battery along with my phone, why wouldn’t they? Palm? Bueller?

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