How Wired Are You?

Have you become callous to technology and the use of the internet? Can’t imagine life or running a business without it? Then read this and think for a sec:

“It may sometimes seem like everyone is on the Internet, but one in five Americans say they’ve never been online and a third say they don’t even use the Web occasionally, according to a new survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project.”

Fascinating stuff, not shocking, but fascinating to me. Per Iconoculture’s most excellent newsletter.

One Response to “How Wired Are You?”

  1. flipthedolphin Says:

    Definitely fascinating!
    That’s it man… if I don’t find a good job in the Information and Comunication Techology… I’ll go for something TOTALLY unrelated…

    The analog world will be still out there… and I’ll be sick of the digital one then :D

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