$91 Billion Conversation

Fortune Magazine has a great article running dubbed “Billionaire Buddies: The $91 Billion Conversation.” A conversation between two billionaire buddies, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. I find it fascinating to get inside the minds of truly amazing people, especially two individuals who have generated great wealth in their lives. Both of them are similar in many ways in regards to their outlook on their financial life.

Through the blogosphere I came across this article from a new weblog I am reading, The Wealth Junkie. A new weblog about a former submarine Lieutenant who is working hard to become wealthy. Alexander offers good insight into some of the commonalities that he found between both Warren and Gates during this interview. I encourage you to check out his post and subscribe to his feed if your interested in money, wealth building, or investment strategy in any way. Plus its always great to watch someone realize their dream. Another doer who is executing.

2 Responses to “$91 Billion Conversation”

  1. Alexander Barbara Says:

    Thanks for the link!

    It has been an exciting four months since I have been out, and I have been loving every minute! We’ll see what the future brings..

  2. Greg Says:

    Good luck Alexander! keep sharing the good word, sounds interesting and its always great to be out achieving your dreams! I will keep tuned in!



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