The Art of Execution: A Primer

I am working on writing a couple of essays, mostly for the pure enjoyment of writing, which is why I started blogging in the first place, but also, to keep on learning. I find that when I write on a particular subject or topic, I learn infinitely more about it then when I simply read a book or article about it. One subject that I am working on, is the “Art of Execution” a rather simple subject, but yet one that is extremely perplexing at times. I have been very focused on this topic lately in business, so I am writing about it, when its complete I will post it. However, I thought a perfect primer that encompasses the core of the subject is this quote from Peter Cooper on the problem with ideas:

“Ideas are tiny. Ideas are plentiful. Throwing out ideas is easy, and it must be because I do it all the time on here. But ideas are pretty worthless too.. it’s all in the implementation.”

Or as I like to say, its all in the execution. Talk is cheap. More on this later…

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