Fat File Storage

The growth and hype around podcasting just doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all. The demand and growth of consumer generated media is growing at astounding rates. Just like the rapid fire growth of blogs, the recent shift to audio and video content is driving hosting and media storage models to change as well. Here is an interesting article that goes over the positions of the major players and who is doing what. Interestingly enough, I learned some news about future plans for both Yahoo and Google to get into the game beyond search:

“..the shift also prepares the web hosting industry for high-volume media hosting challenges from Yahoo and Google. At a podcasting trade show Friday, Yahoo confirmed that it is developing a service to publish and host podcasts. The show was also awash with rumors that a similar project is in development at Google, and it seems logical that Microsoft’s new push into web-based services will eventually include a podcasting component.”

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