Motorola & Skype

Interesting new offering from Motorola and Skype - the new Motorola Wireless Internet Calling Kit, a bluetooth enabled calling kit for PC and internet phone calls. Includes 30 minutes of SkypeOut time for Skype heads:

With up to approximately eight hours of talk time and a lightweight, ergonomic fit, the Motorola H500 lets Skype users wirelessly connect for Internet calls — up to 30 feet away from a Bluetooth-enabled PC. Skype users can also have calls automatically forwarded to their compatible Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones when away from the PC and use the Motorola H500 Headset to wirelessly conduct cord-free conversations on their mobile phone.

per PodcastingNews

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  1. Flipthedolphin Says:

    Wow… motorola and skype… cool! That stuff is really nice.

    This VoIP stuff is really exciting. Isn’t it? I mean… I remember when there were 56k modems and you had to dial the number of your local ISP just to check the mail… And I’m not talking about eons ago, am I ?

    Now you can talk with anyone around the globe for free. Fantastic. I just can’t wait to see what’s next. What will it be in 10/15 years? (yeah I know… probably we will be all googletized)

    cheers :D

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