Ex- Googlers: A Gathering

I ran across a short article in today’s Baltimore Sun about xooglers.blogspot.com - a blog by two ex-Google employees. Interesting read for sure. Check it out.

“at Google, if I were to rate people on general smartness I would have put myself in the bottom 25%. It was pretty much the first time in my life that I found myself not at the top of the intellectual pecking order. It was not an easy adjustment for me.”

The best and the brightest they say…

“I had an offer on the table, the HR people kept pestering me for a college transcript and my S.A.T. scores. It was a classic Google moment. Your S.A.T. score was the measure of your intellectual capability; your GPA represented the numerical summary of your ability to execute on that potential. Your value to Google could be plotted using those two data points.”

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  1. flipthedolphin Says:

    VERY Interesting Reading!
    I’ll have to study that carefully :D

    Thanks for the linkage bro!

  2. Tim Yang Says:

    Thanks for pointing out the article. The url is here for anyone else who is interested.

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