Video Get Up: Samsung + Apple = Vlog Ready

I have been itching to play around with one of the new video iPods, in fact I was planning on picking one up this week. Needless to say I was blown away when I received one as a Christmas gift this past weekend. I am psyched, and can’t wait to break it out and start downloading some vlog action. Better yet, I can’t wait to play around and actually create some video content. Thats right, I think its time to play around a bit and explore the video side of things . I am ready to roll as well, just before our last trip to Europe, I picked up a Samsung SC-X105L , based on the recommendation of a friend. This nifty palm size video cam shoots some serious footage - no messing around. I captured some incredible footage of our 3 city European tour. The camera also comes with an external lens that you can wear on your head or arm, since its technically a sports cam. This should prove to be an interesting feature, I already have some visions of some interesting “man on the street” footage, ideas :-) In fact, I have some pretty interesting news coming up soon that will be a great opportunity to capture some good video content. More later.

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  1. Eric Says:

    Have you seen the iPod proofing that’s sprinting through the Wedding Photogrpahy World?

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