Feedburner has just celebrated its 2 year anniversary. I have to say I am very pleased with their service, and as I predict, they will continue to scale and meet the market demands as more and more publishers embrace RSS syndication. They are very much on the proverbial case. Every time I think of something that would be cool to have in my Feedburner account, the next time I login its there. Keep up the good work.

Frank Gruber posts a commentary on the 2 year anniversary of Feedburner, check it out:

FeedBurner now manages more than 208,474 feeds for more than 135,238 publishers and continues to add new publishers like wildfire. So to extrapolate the numbers a little bit - on average FeedBurner has added:

* 286 new feeds a day
* 185 new publishers a day
* 12 new feeds an hour
* 8 new publishers a hour

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  1. Peter Cooper Says:

    We’re only running a third of those averages at FD, so clearly we have some work to do! :)

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