Tavern Tax

I am enjoying my recent subscription to Thrillist, the 4 times weekly email newsletter targeted to guys in NYC (although I am in Baltimore, I love NYC and visit frequently). This week I came across one of the more unusual findings. Behold, Tavern Tax, how whacked is this? getting your taxes done in a bar? Apparently, here is the deal:

* Fill out their quick, online “Tax Planner” and set up a meeting.

* Hand the completed form to the CPA. Chat up the ladies/bartender/trivia machine for the 40 minutes it takes him to keep the IRS from going through your garbage.

* Wipe the completed forms clean of Jagermeister, and send them off. He’ll also mail your materials if your business proves too complex to handle in 40 minutes — unlikely if you’re a guy who’d have his taxes done in a bar.

I wonder how good business is for this group of accountants? Happy Friday.

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  1. Tavern Tax Rocks! Says:

    Tavern Tax is one of the best ideas ever!!! Goto www.taverntax.com and file today.

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