December 9, 2006 – 12:42 pm

I think it goes without saying that time has really been flying by. At least for myself and most of the people I have been speaking with, everyone seems to be having the same experience with time. 2006 is coming to a quick close and 2007 will be here soon.

December brings lots of good things for people, some of them stressful but mostly positive experiences that involve looking back at your accomplishments for the year, and planning and goal setting for the coming year. This is very much the mode I am in now and will be for the next week or two, lots of ground to cover.

I am grateful that this week ended my travel for the year :-), I just returned from Boston, where I met with client’s and spoke at MITX’s CEO Roundtable, a great experience and one that I welcome again. During my visit we solidified an even closer partnership with MITX for 2007, so look out for some great things to come. Kiki Mills and her team do an outstanding job on programming a wide variety of events for Boston and the surrounding region.

I also posted a new ROI Radio Podcast that features a conversation with Jonathan Wallace, who is a managing partner of WWC Capital Group. Jonathan is a friend and colleague whom I have know for the past many years and we both share a similar outlook on the online landscape. Some of Jonathan’s investments have included, Weatherbug, First Equity Card, Double Positive & Exmplar. We talk about Ad Tech, the state of the industry, various advertising models, and some of his portfolio companies. Check it out.

There will also be another episode coming out this Monday, featuring a conversation with David Kawalec and Matt Snodgrass from Porter Novelli, a global PR agency that is very much riding the edge of new marketing communications. Matt, Dave and I talk about the various ways they are leveraging podcasting for their client base. Good stuff, look out for it Monday.

More goods coming soon. Have a great December.

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