Top Retail Email Subject Lines of 2006

January 3, 2007 – 11:42 pm

Chad White writes a really good blog called “RetailEmail.Blogspot“, where he focuses on tracking the email marketing for the largest e-tailers. Living and breathing email marketing on a daily basis, I truly appreciate the time, energy and insight he offers to our industry. Chad is also the retail partner for the Email Experience Council. Today, Chad posted the first annual inductions into the Subject Line Hall of Fame. As he puts it:

“Subject Line Hall of Fame honors retailers whose subject lines standout in the inbox because of their creativity and originality. Needless to say, if a retailer mentions a fantastic deal in a subject line, they can generate great open rates as well — but creativity is free, which is why today we’re honoring the most outstanding subject lines of 2006.”

Check out Chad’s top 5 retailer subject lines of 2006, and a host of honorable mentions. Check out which retailers were responsible for subject lines such as:

“We’ve got the Pears … who really wants the partridge or tree?”

“Vhat vould Dracula vear?”

Chad picked some great “poppers,”as I like to call them. Utilizing creative subject lines is one of the most important and strategic elements of effective email marketing. Good picks Chad, keep up the great work.

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