The Wizmark

Iconoculture covers the new advertising trend dubbed the “Wizmark,” an “interactive urinal communicator.” The Wizmark is used to target ads to the very specific, male audience. Their site outlines their basic value proposition:

An idea so original, it has everyone talking. Wizmark is based on one unwritten rule of men’s room etiquette; when using a urinal, never stare at the person next to you. Every male knows that when he is using a urinal, he can look anyway he wants, except left or right. Realizing this unwritten code, the appeal of this marketing concept to you as an advertiser is that it effectively assures your ad will attract the attention of, and be read by, the ever elusive targeted male audience you are constantly aiming for.

However, in the case below we also see the device being used for public safety. This particular version of the device detects a “visitors activity” and then:

A motion-sensitive device triggers a woman’s voice that says, “Hey, big guy. Having a few drinks? Think you had one too many? Then it’s time to call a cab or call a sober friend for a ride home.”

Nope not even in the drain of the urinal will we be ad free :-) I do have to say though Wall to Wall advertising in public restrooms can be very effective.

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