Factory Direct: Email Newsletter Upgrade

Every month at Blue Sky Factory we publish our own newsletter called “Factory Direct.” It goes out to all of our clients, prospects, friends and colleagues. This week we launched the March edition and have made some major “upgrades” in terms of content, which in the end will hopefully result in more value to our readers.

Starting in this past edition and moving forward, Factory Direct will include several core stories that relate to email marketing, including “Best Practices”, “Industry Trends”, and useful articles from our blog, The Thinking Inbox. Each month, we will also highlight our favorite email of the month in “Customer Spotlight” and one of our partners in “Partner Promo”.

You can read this months edition of Factory Direct in your browser by clicking here.

If your interested in the topic of email and online marketing trends and would like to receive Factory Direct in your inbox (and very soon via RSS), feel free to subscribe here.

Great job to Joanna, Keith and Ben from our team for taking Factory Direct to the next level!

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