Email Experience Council

I am excited to announce that we just became a silver sponsor of the Email Experience Council.

“The eec is a global professional organization that strives to enhance the image of email marketing and communications, while celebrating and actively advocating its critical importance in business, and its ROI value.”

I originally met Jeanniey Mullen and Ali Swerdlow at the ClickZ Specifics: Email Marketing event in NYC last October, and most recently at the Marketing Sherpa summit down in Miami. They are doing an incredible job with the rest of the team in fostering industry support and creating awareness of the important impact that email marketing has on any organizations marketing mix. If you check out the news page, you will see just some of the work the eec has been up to, publishing research, surveys, white papers, etc. Lots of good stuff.

The eec also has many roundtables going to address industry issues and best practices. And one of my favorite initiatives is the recently launched EmailStatCenter, a site dedicated to nothing but stats around email marketing.

If your involved in email or online marketing in general the eec is a great industry organization to join. They are making things happen and making us all smarter marketers. You can register here, and if your not ready to join today I would at least sign up for their weekly email newsletter that never disappoints.

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