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Jeff & I

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Jeff Lebow of Worldbridges.net posted some of his video interviews at the recent Podcamp NYC. You can check them out here.

I had a great time at Podcamp. There was an incredible turnout of people from all walks of podcasting. Newbies, folks who were just interested in learning more, corporate folks, non-profits, all the way to the pod stars. Great mix of people, excellent sessions and very well organized. Hats off to John Havens, Jason Van Orden and the rest of the organizers and volunteers who helped pull this off.

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2 Responses to “Podcamp NYC on Worldbridges.net”

  1. John C. Havens Says:

    Hi Greg,

    Really glad to know you had a great time at Podcamp. It was great meeting you there and I love your energy/spirit of ’serial entrepreneurship.’ Looking forward to getting to know you/BSF more in the future.

    Best regards,
    John C. Havens
    Lead Organizer,
    PodCamp NYC

  2. Greg Says:

    Thanks John, great job again! I look forward to connecting with you soon. Thanks again for putting on such a great event. Hope you do it again next year!


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