From Inbox to iPod: edu Web Conference

April 15, 2007 – 11:15 am

On July 24th at the edu Web Conference in Baltimore, MD, I am going to be presenting a new talk that I am putting together titled “From Inbox to iPod: Meshing Today’s Social Media Elements into the Marketing Strategy.”

In most of the talks that I participate in, I often speak on one “spoke” of the marketing wheel. The most common ones as you would expect, being email marketing, RSS and corporate podcasting. There is a lot to talk about on each one of those particular topics, and I enjoy discussing ideas, presenting data and case studies around all of them.

In 2007, one of my goals was to get involved in participating and speaking at a variety of industry events. Some of them are more appropriate for targeted content on the subject of email or podcasting, however for the edu Web Conference this year I wanted to take a broader macro level approach to my presentation.

Rather than talking about email, RSS or podcasting as individual silo’s, this presentation will attempt to address the bigger picture of how the emergence and widely adapted mediums of email, RSS, blogs, podcasting, video, social networks, etc can affect an organizations marketing strategy. I think there is a need for a simplistic approach to discussing the shift in how we communicate, or how we should be communicating with our prospective customer. For the edu Web Conference audience, I will of course be keeping it in the context of the prospective student.

I am particularly excited because this will get me a bit out of my “safe zone” for presentations. Not that I don’t carefully think about and prepare for all of my speaking engagements, but this one will charter some new territory for me. I have a solid understanding, and practical experience with all of these elements or mediums, but crafting together a cohesive explanation of how they work in unison from a marketing communications standpoint should be interesting.

I will be blogging some of my thoughts on this subject between now and July 24th and would love your opinions and comments. Happy Sunday.

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