Podcast and New Media Expo Update

September 29, 2007 – 12:47 pm

I have been out in the great state of California since this past Wednesday both attending and speaking at the Podcast Academy 6, and the Podcast and New Media Expo. Overall, its been an incredibly positive experience. Great connecting with old friends and colleagues in in the new media space.

It was also very exciting to be launching our new book here at the Academy and doing a book signing at the Digital Guru Bookstore. A big thanks to everyone who stopped by, bought a book and said hello. It was great meeting all of you. If you are interested in the book, it will officially be in all bookstores starting next week, but you can always pick up a copy at Amazon.com

There is an interesting and overall theme here at the Expo that “podcasting” as we may know it is dead. Of course, thats not exactly what it seems, but there is enough independent perspective out there that really validates the notion that this is not about “podcasting” and “RSS feeds” anymore, but rather about being in the digital media business. Michael Geoghegan came right out of the gate yesterday with his first slide that simply said “Podcasting is dead.” There will be more on this perspective soon.

In the meantime, I will be spending most of my remaining time here recording short video interviews with some of the folks who are attending, exhibiting and speaking here at the Expo. I will be posting those videos here shortly. Keep an eye out.

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