Sunday, March 13, 2005

Reworking the Blog

I know I am overdue for Trend Radio #7, and its coming soon I promise, but this weekend I have been looking into new blogging software. I am particularly impressed with Typepad, very simple interface, lots of great features, BLOWS Blogger away in a nutshell! They could keep me if they came out with a new version maybe this week, but that isn't happening, and I have bigger and better things to do with The Trend Junkie.

I am really interested in Wordpress, I have a couple of blogging friends using it and they love it. Its free and pretty robust from what I hear and can gather on my own. Problem is, while I am technically savvy, I am not on the level of congfiguring mysql databases, and fussing around with php. See TypePad is a hosted service so it costs money, its cheap, but the issue is that I have a dedicated server sitting in my friends data center with 60 gigs of space and bandwidth is no big deal, so its kind of stupid for me to use TypePad unless I keep all of my podcasts and photos on my dedicated box. The Plus plan only gives you 100 megs! Still, not sure what the best configuration out there is for me.

Let me know if anyone has any advice, I really want to ditch Blogger as I have outgrown its feature set and have lots more to share. Does anyone know how to install Wordpress on a dedicated box, simply and easily? Let me know if you can offer any advice. Thanks!

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