Are You an Innie or an Outie?

Sarcasmo has taken the study of various personality types and broken it all down into two simple concepts that make up the sum of people. I dig it, I am definitely more of an “outie,” however, I think I peter back and forth between the two depending on the day, week, month, I can be complex :-)

“Innies”: Innies are those who take great pains to leave as early as possible for social engagements not because they are necessarily anxious to get there and enjoy themselves; but rather because the earlier they can get to an event the earlier they can leave said event and return to the familiar comfort of their own homes.

“Outies”: Unlike their counterparts, “Outies” thrive on activities and socializing; and can do so for hours on end (often to the chagrin of their charming hosts and patient hosts). Anxious and eager for new and stimulating experiences, “Outies” will often “stack” plans one after another, so their out-of-home experience doesn’t have to end simply because an individual event does.

per the J-Walk blog

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