NYC Wrap Up

Great fucking time :-) blunty stated, but very factual. Its been too long since I have visited the Big Apple for either a business or pleasure nature, and there is just no reason for that to happen! After all it is only a 2.5 hour train ride from Baltimore Penn station to the center of Manhattan (Amtrak is my preferred method of travel to and from NYC). I have 3 favorite cities so far in my travels, NYC, London and Amsterdam, all of which I frequent and have posted about regularly in my blog. These are some of the finest epicenters of culture, trends, new ideas and change. Blistering with art, music, creativity and hipsters from all walks of life.

After the suprisedly quick 2 hour stint at the Extracts show (the business part of the trip), it was off to the east village for some shopping at the boutiques. Good stuff all around, my wife particularly enjoyed acquiring some new jeans and bikini (a hot one I must say), and I got my trip on at G-Star, first time for me, totally my style. It was one of those “where the fuck I have been?” moments. I worked up a couple of new shirts and then we bolted to Pravda, a really cool underground lounge / restaurant that is completely unassuming. Its decked out and sophisticated entirely with a Russian flare. Serving some great vodka and delicious food. The place is also absolutely vibing with sensuality. The servers and staff were all female and very attractive in that super sexy eastern european way, it was all good. After a martini and a pressed tomoto and cheese sandwich we headed back to the hotel.

We capped off the night at Fiorello’s on Broadway up in the 60’s. Unbelievable time, the pizza is seriously out of this world. The crust is paper thin, literally! and we had buffalo mozzerella and tomato sauce. Peeps, seriously, you have to check this out when in NYC sometime. A buddy of mine turned me on to the place a few months ago, and I have been itching to get back. It was a total hit with the Mrs. :-)

Blah blah blah, I wont bore you anymore with trip details, and will summarize it all like I started this entry, just that it fucking rocked. We are on the Amtrak train heading back now, happy Sunday!


2 Responses to “NYC Wrap Up”

  1. eve Says:

    greg i’m glad you guys had a good trip! i forgot you were going.

    talk soon.

  2. K. Todd Storch Says:

    2.5 hours away!? You’ve got to make sure you can go more!

    NYC is my favorite city and being down here in Dallas; there’s just not enought opportunities to get up there.

    Jealous my man! Jealous!

    Glad you had a great time.


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