The Lapse Explained

Hey all, sorry about complete lapse in posting this week. I have been in NJ dealing with a family situation that is quite unfortunate. In a nutshell, my parents home was completely devastated in a fire this week. It was a horrible situation, and they lost everything. This occured on Tuesday afternoon to be specific. Fortuantely, no one was in the house at the time of the blaze. My mother had run out to do some errands around 3:30pm and when she returned at 5:15pm, the entire house was ungulfed with flames. My Dad was coming home from work. Five fire companies, an air unit, and 5 first aid squads responded to the scene. The fire took 75 firefighters over an hour and a half to get under control, 2 of them were injured with second degree burns. The fire was caused by some electrical wiring in the basement that was hooked to an old exhaust fan that we never used. The investigators think condensation had built up on it. Amazing….

Its been a very trying and emotional week as many of you can imagine. Its amazing how a lifetime of “things” can be completely taken away in less than one hour. My parents are doing ok given the circumstances, they are troopers. It turns out they are going to have to level the house and rebuild from scratch. They will be ok, a new life in a new home is on the horizon. Times they are a changing.

Thanks to all of you who knew about this for your support, its very much appreciated. All of the emails and comments and the outpouring of kindness means so much.

Time to get back to work, get back in the groove and still support my parents through this trying time.

More later.

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  1. bicyclemark Says:

    Greg — very sorry man. Thoughts are with your family. Got me thinkin alot about whats important too.

  2. Flipthedolphin Says:

    I read this post today.
    Damn it Greg… this is horrible. I cannot think about all the stuff they have lost. I really hope they’ll start from scratch a new life… I hope a better one for them.

    What a crazy experience.

    Anyway I’m with your parents (and with you too of course).

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