Hola from Mexico

Touchdown Mexico :-) Its beautiful here in the Riviera Maya. We are staying in Playa del Carmen, easily one of the fastest growing Latin American cities around. We came here on our honeymoon 2 years ago, and I am in shock over how much development is going on. This place is literally a real estate frenzy, everywhere you look they are building waterfront homes, condos, apartments, etc. 10 years ago this was a lovely city of 5000 people, fast foward to today and the population is somewhere around 115-120,000. Nice growth for a city.

Amazingly enough, the place we are staying at just happens to have a blazing fast, open wi-fi network that I can pop right on to :-) Definitely not good for tech junkies looking to “unplug” however, it actually came in handy the day we got here due to a document that I really needed to mail to someone. However thats about all of the “work” I will be thinking of for the next 7 days. On this low down time, I have chosen to read Malcom Gladwells’ new book “Blink” which I am thoroughly enjoying. His subject matter for the book is fascinating and I look forward to finishing it this weekend.

We are traveling around as well. The beautiful island of Cozumel is next on the list. We will be taking the ferry across from Playa and spending a couple of days checking out the island.

I am filling up the Treo 650 with cool pix and video clips of the trip. Loving that thing! Hasta Luego!!

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    Remember the postcard bro!
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    and take some pics!

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