First Gear

Mexico was great, there was plenty of rest and relaxation. I actually unplugged for quite a while. I remember when we first got to the east side of Cozumel and found out there was no cell reception at all, it was my official surrender, we were now completely out of touch and it felt good :-)

Now its back to work, which I am looking forward to. I can usually take about a week of downtime before I start to get restless, in a good way that is. Over the past 10 days, I have been able to successfully shift into first gear, which for me is the the state of complete relaxation. The brain actually gets a break from the continuous firing of synapses of daily life, and moves into a state of introspection and contemplation. While in first gear, I finally got a chance to think about various ideas and concepts that my daily life doesn’t allow enough time for. That is something I figured out I need to make more time for, there is too much running through this brain not to be exploring my various ideas more thoroughly. I owe it to myself to at least think them through better than I have been.

Some of this weeks projects & tasks to get back in the groove are:

- Deal flow follow up, plenty of that going on for the business. How many can we close this week?

- Spend time with my brother who has just returned from a 6 month deployment in Iraq and is training for the next week here in the Baltimore area. Its great to see him.

- Complete my “Disney Podcasting” recap article / essay and post it.

- Launch - which will be a new podcast and blog for my wifes business.

- Cut another Trend Radio, this time with a Skyperview of….. we’ll see.

- Join a gym (yeah its about that time)

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