Power of the Niche

I would like to point out a prime example of how blogging can work wonders for a small niche business. My cousin recently turned me onto Thomas Mahon’s weblog entitled English Cut. Thomas is a bespoke tailor from London’s Savile Row who has transformed his business by regularly posting on his weblog. A veteran in the world of tailoring, Mr. Mahon is apparently one of the youngest bespoke tailors on the planet. Over the years he has built up a reputation for being one of the best and his clientele shows it. You can learn all about him here, and I encourage you to sift through his weblog and look at the various posts on his profession. He lets people know where he will be traveling to, he makes it easy for them to contact him in order to make appointments in the various city’s he travels to, and he posts information about his fine art people may not regularly come across. I was impressed to see that a blog run by a one man operation in the tailoring business has 128 subscribers to his feed in Bloglines, so you know his audience is much bigger than that. I think this is a great practice of how blogging can boost your business.

The timeliness of learning about Thomas’ blog is that we are launching Aroma Radio this week for my wifes business. Again, a very niche practice of aromatherapy and the fine art of custom blending essential oils. Believe it or not, like tailoring, there is a huge demand for people who want custom blended body products. My wife will use her weblog and podcast to educate her current customers, prospective customers while continuing to brand herself as an expert in her space. I am looking forward to seeing how it all works out.

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