Thursday, February 27, 2003

Winter Weather Urban Activities

Ah yes, the good ol Farmers Almanac, does it again. We are experiencing a nice winter blast over here on the east coast, in fact as I write this its snowing at a decent rate - calling for an additional 6-8 inches by tomorrow noon (but for some reason I think they are going wrong on this one). What is great is that I live in an urban area - a village of sorts. What is great is that we just came out of the large 2 foot dropping of snow 2 weeks ago - which literally crippled the city for a few days - almost a week.

My fellow neighbors and community members take on a great task during these times, which is, they drink the bars dry. Oh yeah, they are slamming beers and drinks by noon on these ever-so-famous snow days and I love it. They slurp oysters and eat steamed shrimp, sushi and anything else the urban environment offers :-). Its a scene and a trend down here. I HIGHLY recommend blowing off your next "legitimate" snow day and emptying out your local pub's tap lines.....on your next snow day of course :-)

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Incommunicado of the times....

In the words of Jim Morrison, "people are strange"....... and I totally agree. People around all of us are scared out of their own skin as a result of thinking within the confines of a box, never considering the possibility that there could be another way of looking at things. I keep thinking, its all in the mind and in our perception of the world around us that makes our experience what it is.

What has lead me to this type of post, is that I have recently found an interest in looking at the way some people choose to communicate with each other, and the strange responses they have to alternative ideas, responses based exclusively on their preconceived notions of the world as we know it.

I simply ask....What is wrong with evolving???

What is wrong with expanding the mind and opening up to new possibilities of viewing the fabric of the universe in a different light. Looking at how a change in perception can accelerate new states of consciousness.

I have posted this in response to a friend, being freaked a bit by discussing alternative additions to the notion of our reality, the additions that are rarely discussed, the ones that require a faith and openess, the spiritual ones. The kind that relate to a veil being lifted from our eyes.......

...just something to "think" about.

Monday, February 24, 2003

Links Are In (if you ask me)

Recently I have received a numerous amount of inquiries about Cuff Links. Yes, Cuff Links. The MAIN reason for these inquiries is due to the fact that I wear them very frequently, and that being the case, I have found that some of the more "savvy" dressers I know wear them as well. I am not boasting about being a savvy dresser, although I do take style seriously, I am rather opening up the discussion of tweaking your own personal style with accessories. After all, cuff links are a man's jewelry, an accessory much like the purse or scarf is to a woman. The Cuff Link accentuates an overall impression and defines style ( again, if you ask me). Now, that being said, what I mean by "tweaking" your overall personal style is adding your own flare. Cuff links generally are worn with a more formal dress code, formalwear or with suits, I wear them with JEANS! Fuck it! in a nutshell, I like french cuff shirts and although I will admit, if I do wear jeans, I do make sure there is a nice pair of shoes and possibly a blazer that goes with the outfit. But, point being, you can take the more formal accessories of the classic times and implement them into your wardrobe today - in the here in now... classic style mixed with modern treads is cool with me.


For the serious:

- Cuff Link Society (Like I said, for the serious)

Music Yields to Television

Quick comment on the Grammy's.... I really do think Norah Jones is a great artist, but 5 Grammy's kind of takes the wind out of a lot of sails for me. I really thought it made her look at little more "packaged" and "manufactured" than maybe she wants to be perceived as (but what do I know, at least thats what I think). Then again, I guess it happens all of the time. Sometimes, I wish for a little more diversity in the winnings and overall approach. I was all for "The Boss" taking home "Album of the Year" - Norah was hot, looking good! and there is still a major sweet spot with me for Sheryl Crow, she is the sexiest female artist to me. That Clash tune by the Boss, Elvis, Mr Grohl and friends was clearly a MAJOR highlight of the evening. Rock On.

I would not though write without mentioning other eventful happenings of Sunday, the last episode of OZ kicked ass, very appropriate. Followed by American Undercover: Real Sex - good stuff all around. Now for those who dig really wild and twisted storylines and character development - next Sunday starts Six Feet Under on HBO. A must see.

Sunday, February 23, 2003


I thought rather than keeping my own thoughts and perceptions on fashiony, trendish, lifestyle, sub-alternativism, sociological type subjects, I would share them on this blog. I figure here would be the appropriate space in this medium. No particular agenda other than taking complete and full advantage of blogging.

So jumping right in, I am just reflecting a bit on the recent buzz of the "hipster" movement/lifestyle, and profoundably jolted recently with extra energy by the release of Robert Lanham's "The Hipster Handbook". This work (although I honestly have not read it, just alot about it) appears every bit to be a deep look at the hipster experience....hitting the hearts and souls of the truly hip, while teaching the rest of us the details of hipster lingo, amongst many other subjects. In fact, this cat has got it so down, that fully included is the hipster quiz taking this, it gets you to the bottom line real fast...Are you a hipster or are you not? (in case any of you were thinking about it)