Saturday, June 07, 2003

Wi-Fi Mania

I am loving the wireless world. I mentioned early that I bought one of the new Dell wireless equipped laptops a month ago and I have just been estatic ever since. I have not used a cat 5 / ethernet cable since I bought it. I have a wireless network at my house and at my office and can freely surf all of the wireless hot spots in the city I live in or anywhere else for that matter. As many of you know or do not know, wireless is growing at a tremendous rate, Check out this article, to get a glimpe of where we are going.

Here is the newest latest in my collection of wirless goodies, the new 6210 Blackberry, which has officially made me the mobile man. After only having this for 3 days, I have a whole new sense of freedom with my work. I love it!

I am a perpetrator for sure, I mean there is something about being anywhere in your home in your pajamas and surfing the web or doing your work at high speed rates. I am expecting to talk much more about this as I seek out new trends, outside of airport and starbucks wireless hot spots, thats kinda been there done that. I will find some uniqueness for ya.